Interrow Cultivator

M.E.A.A.T. inter row rotary cultivators are extremely sturdy machines that are suitable for all types of soil.The assembly system used for the different components makes our Inter-row rotary cultivators highly versatile This means that it is extremely easy to adapt them to changing work requirements. The working elements can always be added, removed, spread apart or set closer together the working width of the elements can be increased or decreased, etc.

Our machines are mass produced using the most advanced design and production technology to minimise any possible manufacturing defects. Our inter-row rotary cultivators can be supplied with special configurations to satisfy specific work requirements.We offer a variety of accessories to complete the work done by our inter-row cultivators. Adjustable wings, forced delivery spreaders, folding beams and steering device.

The use of inter-row rotary cultivators significantly reduces or even eliminates the need to use chemical weed killers, which can pollute the environment. Our machines are supplied complete with an instructions and maintenance manual, as well as a spare parts book. This makes Your machine easier to use and maintain properly.

The quality of our machines, their reliability and the technological level we have achieved could easily justify much higher prices that ones offered by our competitors just ask us for a quotation and you will discover most outstanding feature of our production. M.E.A.A.T. has over thirty years of experience in constructing inter-row rotary cultivators.

Over the years. we have manufactured over 25,000 units, which means that we have gained unquestionable experience that protects the customer from any unpleasant surprises: we feel that this represent our very best guarantee to you.

Our machinery is painted with the very finest quality of paint. The paint is diluted with water and does not contain any polluting synthetic thinners. Through our extensive experience and research, we have succeeded in combining quality and respect for the environment. M.E.A.A.T. export its machinery to over fifty countries throughout the world.

This means the right price/quality ratio, reliability and after-sales service. By using inter-row rotary cultivators, the modern practice of cultivating herbaceous plants in rows can yield improved agronomic and economic results while fully respecting the environment. In fact, mechanical rotary operation between rows means: 

Maximum protection of crop integrity

Complete destruction of weeds between rows, regardless of their phonologic level, as oppose to the problems encountered with fixed-blade systems, such as inadequate action against weeds that are still small or clogging on overgrown weeds.

Because of the special helicoidal shape of the blades, the soil does not get compacted.

When spreaders and ridgers are mounted on the inter row rotary cultivators, the rows are cultivated, fertilized and ridged simultaneously.

The amount of chemical weed-killers required is completely minimized, this obviously saves money and reduces environmental pollution.

Our range of production includes 6 models of inter-row rotary cultivators as well as an Infinite number of solutions and combinations.

The modular construction combined with the specially designed rapid set-up and dismantling of the rotors, means that our machines can easily be adapted to work with different types of soil and crops.

M.E.A.A.T. inter-row rotary cultivators are manufactured using top quality materials Not only are they extremely sturdy and easy to handle but they are also highly accurate and versatile at the same time. Upon request, specials models can be made with specific operating widths, beams and combinations.

M.E.A.A.T. Inter-row rotary cultivators are manufactured according to modular design concepts, which means that the original configuration can be altered to suit different needs even well after the machine has been purchased.