• Tractor linkage mounted
  • Suitable 40+ HP
  • Own independent hydraulic system with 2 stage pump

- 1st stage to drive rotation, boom operation and tilting facility
- 2nd stage to drive harvesting comb Supplied with stabilising legs for ease of work in undulating and steep ground.

Oscillating comb with capabilities of 270° rotation on main extending arm and can work in straight, horizontal and vertical position depending on tree canopy. The comb is fitted with super soft fingers achieving a gentle harvest without any damage to the limbs or fruit.

The OlipikII harvesting comb has the latest gear drive replacing the outdated chain type. The revamped hydraulic controls allow a much faster and smoother working operation. The position of the controls and a more comfortable sprung seating arrangement gives the operator a more relaxed working environment. The new upgraded design apart from the 360° rotation the vertical height has been increased to 9.5m and the working diameter has been upgraded to 8m.

The OlipikII has been designed for ease of maintenance, accessible greasing points and boom adjustable points, making the machine a long trouble free investment. OlipikII will not shake or damage trees, facilitates early harvest for spot picking, for oil blending purposes. With the right pruning of the tree canopy you can achieve a greater increase in the quantity and quality of olives produced.

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